Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Gone Gone Gone

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Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone

She said if I ever deceived her,
She'd leave before I could count to ten.
I guess I just did not believe her.
Now look at the trouble I'm in.

Cho: 'Cause she's gone, gone, gone -- gone, gone, gone,
     And the crying won't bring her back.
     The more that I cry, the faster that train
     Just flies her right on down the track.

I lost every right to be happy.
I lost the new love that I found.
She said that she would and she left me,
Before my first tear hit the ground. (Chorus)

If I knew where I could find her,
I'd crawl there on my hands and knees.
Each tick of the clock just reminds me.
That she's one second farther from me. (Chorus)

[Recorded by Carl Jackson, by Brownie Ford, and by Glen Campbell.]
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