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Goliath of Garth

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Goliath of Garth

Goliath of Garth

Goliath of Garth, with his helmet of brass,
One day he sat down upon the green grass,
When up slipped young David, the servant of Saul,
Who said, "I will smite thee, although I am small."

Young David slipped down to the side of the brook,
And from its still waters six small stones he took.
He skillfully slung one, right high in the sky,*
And struck poor Goliath right over the eye.

Goliath he swore, and likewise he spake
(Missing line)
The air all around them was turning quite blue.
He spake all the old words, and thought of some new.

Goliath fell down in a swoon on the sward.
Young David slipped up and swiped his great sword.
He lifted his helmet and swiped off his head,
And all Israel shouted, "Goliath is Dead!"

[A New Zealand camp song from the 1950's. To be sung with a lisp for full effect
. *Alternate line: "And with his suspender he let the sling fly,"]
(Tune, "O Worship the King.")
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