Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ghost of Willie-O

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Ghost of Willie-O

Ghost of Willie-O

My Willie sailed on board a tender
And where he lies I do not know
For seven long years I've been constantly waiting
Since he crossed the bay of Biscay-O

One night as Mary lay a-sleeping
A knock came to her bedroom door
And there she saw her Willie standing
His two pale cheeks as white as snow

O Willie dear where are those blushes
Those blushes I knew long long ago
O Mary dear the wild waves lash them
I am only the ghost of your Willie-O

O Mary dear the dawn is breaking
I fear its time for me to go
I am leaving you quite broken hearted
For to cross the Bay of Biscay-O

Oh if I had all the gold and money
And all the silver in Mexico
I would grant it all to the King of Erin
For to bring me back my Willie-O

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