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Friend of the Fetus

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Friend of the Fetus

Friend of the Fetus
(Carol Rose Livingstone)

1.  I am no friend of the fathers and mothers
    I am no friend of the sisters and brothers
    I am no friend to the weak and distressed
    I am no friend to the poor and oppressed.

    But I am a friend of the fetus,
    A friend of incomparable worth
    I am a friend of the fetus,
    Right up to the moment of birth.

2.  Once it's a baby I will not go near it,
    I will not feed it and I will not rear it.
    When it is crying I won't even hear it
    For I have no room in my heart for a human.

3.  I will not weep for it, I won't lose sleep for it,
    I will not care for it, I won't be there for it,
    I'll walk away from it, I won't go grey for it
    I will not pray for it and I won't pay for it.

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