Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Fox Huntin

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A Fox Huntin'

A Fox Huntin'
Now, come all you jolly hunters
Who love to chase the fox
Who love to chase Bow Randers
Among the hill an' rocks
T' my hi-bow-bow, t' my hi-o-low
Long the merry stream
T' my riddle-diddle-dant
T' my riddle-diddle-dant
A rolling bow-wow dogs
A yank-fa-didem an' a bugle horn
A yank-fa-didem an' a diedy-o
Th first one we met
Was a man pedling of some combs
He said, he saw Bow Randers
A gnawing of some bones
(Repeat as in the first verse)

The next man we met
Was a man by the name of Rea
He said, he saw Bow Randers
Run up a holler tree
(Repeat as above)

The last man we met
Was a man by the name of Huff
He said, he saw Bow Randers
Dead an' half eat up
(Repeat as above)

From the Max Hunter Collection

Randolph: I-76 Bold Ranger
Belden: p. 246 Three Jolly Welshmen
Brown: II-190c The Fox Chase
As sung by Mr. Fred High in High, Arkansas on
February 11, 1959

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