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Forlorn Lover

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Forlorn Lover

Forlorn Lover
    from the singing of Martin Wyndom-Read

I went to the meadow, some time for to spend
And for to return, I did fully intend
But as I came back there, I met with a friend
And love was the cause of my mourning

I loved a young lady, this many a day
And now to requite me, she's married away
If she has left me in sorrow today
But now I have time to consider

I loved her so dear and I loved her so well
I hated all others who spoke of her ill
If anyone told me just what she did say
But that I could never believe them

But when I did hear my love asked for in church
I left from my seat and I sat on the porch
I felt I had falsely been left in the lurch
And knew that my heart was near breaking

And when I did see my love to the church go
With all her bridemaidens, she made a fine show
I laughed in conceit but my heart filled with woe
To see just how high she's regarded

And when I did see my love at the church stand
gold rings on her fingers secured by a hand
He has so seduced her with houses and land
That nothing but death could them sever

And when she was laid in bed dressed up in white
My eyes touched with water that drownded my sight
I put on my hat and I bade them good-night
Adieu my fair sweet thing forever

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