Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Floyd Frazier

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Floyd Frazier

Floyd Frazier

Come you people of every nation,
And listen to my mournful song;
I will tell you of a circumstance,
Which happened not very long.

Fiovd Frazier is now in prison,
And ought to hang-ed be,
 For the killing of an innocent woman,
This world may plainly see.

He killed poor Ellen Flannery,
And hid her in the woods,
And made a quick return
To wash away the blood.

He crept into his cabin,
And lay there all night,
Believing his crime was hidden
From everybody's sight.

She had five little children,
From door to door they run,
To look for their poor mother
But yet no mother come.

Their little hearts grew hungry,
At last they fell asleep,
To rise up in the morning
To cry and mourn and weep.

The night it passed away,
And the morning it did come;
Her neighbors all did gather,
To see what there was done.

They searched all round her cabin,
Went wandering up and down ;
At last Joseph Williams found her,
And she was deadly wound'.

They found her poor body lying
Mouldering on the ground;
The rocks piled upon her,
They weighed sixty pound.

They took her to her house,
And there not long to stay,
And then unto the graveyard,
Until the Judgment Day.

The people all did gather
To see her dreadful wounds;
The sight it was the greatest
That ever has been found.

She suffered in great mis'ry,
In trouble and in pain;
I hope her soul is in heaven,
Forever there to reign.

This young man was arrested,
And rushed into the jail;
The jury pronounced him guilty,
They did not allow. him bail.

He owned that he did kill her,
And all that he had done;
I think his case is dangerous,
He has all the risk to run

They carried him to Pineville,
And there awhile to dwell;
I'm afraid the crime he's committed
Will send his soul to hell.

This song came to me
By day and by night ;
I think it is right to sing it
In this vain world of delight.

DT #735
Laws F19
From Coombs
Collected from Margaret Green of Smithsboro Kentucky
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