Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
First the Heel

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First the Heel

First the Heel

     First the heel,
     And then the toe,
     That's the way
     The polka goes.

     First the toe,
     And then the heel,
     That's the way
     To dance a reel.

     Quick about,
     And then away,
     Lightly dance
     The glad Strathspey.

     Jump a jump,
     And jump it big,
     That's the way
     To dance a jig,

     Slowly, smiling,
     As in France,
     Follow through
     The country dance.

     And we'll meet Johnnie Cope in the morning.

     SC (1948), 108 (no. 174); "Lachlan Gorach's Rhyme", from

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