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First Star Lullaby

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The First Star Lullaby

The First Star Lullaby
(Kim Wallach)

It's time you were going to sleep, you're up too late tonight,
Oh look, you can see the first star even though it's still light,
Let's both make a wish and perhaps it will all come out right
And I'll tuck you in--here's a kiss--I love you--good night.

Let's watch from the window, the second star cuts
   through the skies
I hear crickets chirping, across the street somebody cries.
On  clear  nights  like this it's too easy to take  comfort
   from lies.
So I'll tuck you in--here's a kiss--there, close both your eyes.

There's the third star and more, and now I see the moon,
I can tell someone else is still up, 'cause they're
   singing a tune
That my Mom used to sing--oh you really should go to sleep soon
So I'll tuck you in, like a bug, snug in your cocoon.

It's time i was going to sleep, I'm up too late tonight.
I've watched all the stars growing pale in the early dawn light
So  I'll make one last wish that you'll grow up and
  not have to fight
And I'll cover you up,--here's a kiss--I love you--goodnight.
And I'll tuck you in--here's a kiss--I love you--goodnight.

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