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(Hebrew: Chaim Hefer
English: Teddi Schwartz & Arthur Kevess
Music: Moshe Wilensky)

Haru-ach noshevet k'rira
Nosifa kesam lamdura
Vechach bizro-ot argaman
B'esh ye-aleh ke korban
Ha-esh me-havhevet, shira melavlevet
Sovev lo, sovev ha-finjan

The wind is so cool in the night
The logs on the fire are bright
And sparks all a-dancing arise
A-shining like stars in the skies
The singing is hearty and soon through the party
Around and around goes the finjan

 "Finjon" is an Arabic name for an old type of coffee pot, held by
its long handle over an open flame. After a  hard day's work, the
pioneers in Israel would often build a fire, sing, and relax and
pass around finjon. It's in the Rise Up Singing songbook. JO

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