Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Farewell to the Rhonda

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Farewell to the Rhonda

Farewell to the Rhonda

cho: Farewell you colliery workers the mufflers and the cap
     Farewell you Rhonda Valley girls we never will come back
     The mines they are closing, the valleys there all doomed
     There's no working in the Rhonda bay
     We'll be in London soon

My father was a miner and his father before him
They always had been proud to work the load
Since they found they fell me throbins axe all the lads had the sack
So away to work in England we must go

No more the chapel singing that long ago
Has left us in the public house
No more the miner sung for the pit wheels
They are stopping and the population is dropping
And I can't afford to stay here very long

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