Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Far East Kitchen

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Far East Kitchen

Far East Kitchen

cho: Oh for food sublime I would dine at Far East Kitchen
     And See the Hand of Welcome Reaching from the Maitre'D
     Take the new Red Line past the coop and beat the traffic
     And feast at Far East Kitchen, thats for me

Westward from the Davis Square tis there its said to lie
This tea house of the orient to which so many fly
Seeking Peking duckling, leaving well gnawed broken bones
And an oft remembered cairn of leechee stones

(repeat Chorus)

Through the night throughout the meal we feasted on the best
Kimcee, moo goo gai pan, mapo tofu and the rest
Steaming plates arrive before us, empty plates removed again
This heartiest of eaters satiated in the end

(Repeat Chorus)
tune: Northwest Passage
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