Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Fair Maid Stranded on the Turnpike

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Fair Maid Stranded on the Turnpike

Fair Maid Stranded on the Turnpike
(Joan Sprung)

Lovely Sally was a maiden, as pure as she was sweet,
Hair in ringlets to her waist and sandals on her feet.
She wore a little granny dress which was so very thin,
That you could see 'most all of Sally that was there within.

Tra la la la, too-roo-dee-noo, falutin' dingle day

She was on her way to market for to buy some beer and chips
When on the way her car broke down, scarce halfway on her trip.
A tall young man did stop to help, as strong as he was large.
He said he would be pleased to give her battery a charge.

And after but a little time, this young man, he grew bold.
He drew out his jumper cables as they rested by the road.
She cried, ``I hardly know you.'' so he said, ``My name is Jules.
My stock in trade is bodywork; I have with me my tools.''
He tinkered with her manifold, likewise her points and plugs,
For he'd had much experience with cars just like her bug.
And by the evening of the day, her motor purred and sighed.
He jumped in his milk-white sports car, down the turnpike he did ride.

Now Sally, though no longer pure, has gotten very wise.
For in her car he left behind a very big surprise.
So gather round, young maidens, if adventure you desire,
Then shun the man who drives away and leaves you a spare tire.

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