Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Fagan the Cobbler

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Fagan the Cobbler

Fagan the Cobbler

My name it is Fagan the cobbler
And I been at it now hall my life
To earn one honest shilling
To take home to me darling young wife (While I sing)

cho: Twine, twine, twine, twiddle twine
     With me twine, twine, twiddle all day
     To me whack fol the riddle all the laddy
     To me whack fol the riddle all day

My wife she starts drinking
And she's drinking her pints by the score
On I know she's a-spending my money
Down at old Blaxhall Ship (While I sing)

My wife she's turned teetotaller
And she swears she won't mop any more
for now she's a-saving all my money
She's putting it by in galore (While I sing)

Recorded on Folksongs of Britain, Vol 3, Jack of all Trades
Collected by Peter Kennedy from Wickets Richardson in Suffolk
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