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Factors Song

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Factor's Song

Factor's Song

As I was walking in fair London town
I saw a dead body lay there on the ground
I ask-ed the reason that there made it lie
And one was a lady made me this reply

"His debts being unpaid
He lies on the cold ground."
'Twas twenty pounds sterling I freely paid
And into the ground this dead body was laid

I traveled on further.  I chanced for to see
A beautiful lady that hang-eth must be
Only for striking a Turkish lady.

'Twas twenty pounds sterling I fully laid down
And took home with me to fair London town
She is my housekeeper when I am from the land
And whether I find to be just
The keys to my riches I do with her trust.

(The man was a duke)

DT #545
Laws Q37
From Flanders and Brown, Vermont Folksongs and Ballads.  Fragment
of longer song.  Collected from Sharon Harrington in Manchester,
VT in 1930.
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