Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Evergreen Bar

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Evergreen Bar

Evergreen Bar
                          EVERGREEN BAR
                                              by Jerry Rasmussen

1. Over in Kenosha, where the Ramblers grew,
   They had themselves a tough old crew.
   And Friday nights, when the week was done,
   They liked to have a little fun.

   It's Friday night at the Evergreen Bar,
   Picking out a tune on my old guitar,
   When you walk through the door, you don't make no noise,
   Or you'll go dancing to the tune of the Rambler boys.

2. Buy him a drink, Jim, set him up right,
   'Cause the Rambler boys are hot tonight,
   And they like their music loud and strong,
   They plan to stay here all night long.
3. A couple old "jocks" from the high-school team,
   Busting in the back door, acting mean,
   Laughing at the music and making noise,
   And cracking jokes about the Rambler boys.

4. Grab him by the neck, Jim, out through the door,
   It don't pay to make the Rambler boys get sore.
   Out in the back lot and down on their knees,
   Begging Jim, "Don't hurt us please."

5. Just what happened I never could tell,
   But I know those boys were scared as hell.
   And they never came back to the bar again.
   The Rambler boys just sit and grin.

   (repeat first verse.)

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