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Ellen the Fair

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Ellen the Fair

Ellen the Fair

Fair Ellen one morn from her cottage had strayed;
To the next market town tripped the beautiful maid.
She looked like a goddess, so charming and fair.
"Come buy my sweet posies!" cried Ellen the Fair.

"I've cowslips and jessamines, and harebells so blue,
Wild roses and eglantines, glistening with dew,
And the lily, the queen of the valley, so rare.
"Come buy my sweet posies!" cried Ellen the Fair.

Enraptured I gazed on this beautiful maid,
For a thousand sweet smiles on her countenance played;
And while I stood gazing, my heart I declare
A captive was taken by Ellen the Fair.

Oh, could I but gain this fair nymph for my wife
How gladly woi%ld I change my condition in life.
I'd forsake the gay follies of the town and repair
To dwell in a cottage with Ellen the Fair.

But what need I care for the lordly or great!
My parents are dead, I've a noble estate;
And no lady on earth, nor a princess shall share
My hand and my fortune with Ellen the Fair.

In a little time after, this nobleman's son
Did marry the maid his affections had won.
When presented at Court, how the Monarch did stare,
And the ladies all envied sweet Ellen the Fair.

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Alexander Harrison
DT #470
Laws O5
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