Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
El Tigre

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El Tigre

El Tigre

That gray haired old man on the banch in the village square,
Could that be the famous bandido of days gone by,
Could that be the fierce El Tigre, or did the real El Tigre die?

     He'll be remembered forevermore,
     By the rich that he stole from and the poor he stole for.

He once met a senorita on a raid,
Sweet little Juanita who smiled up at him unafraid,
And as eyes of steel softened up at the sight that they saw,
And love found a heart no bullet had been able to find before.

     Though he was a bandido with a price on his head,
     Te amo querrida, take me with you she said.

Can that be the great El Tigre sitting there,
That old man asleep on the bench in the village square,
And as he dreams a sweet old senora appears,
And then as she gently wakes him she whispers into his ear.

     Querrida mia, the time it has flown,
     Vamanos mi bandido, it is time to go home.
It was a hit of sorts for a country singer on RCA named Stu Phillips. I think th
at Chet Atkins produced Stu's LP for RCA and played on the track
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