Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Eighteenth Day of June

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The Eighteenth Day of June

The Eighteenth Day of June

 On the 18th day of June, me boys, eighteen hundred and fifteen,
 Both horse and foot they did advance; most glorious to be seen,
 Both horse and foot they did advance and the bugle-horn did blow
 Where the sons of France we made to dance on the Plains of Waterloo.

 Our cavalry advanced with true and valiant heart
 Our infantry and artillery did nobly play their part.
 While the small arms they did rattle and the great guns they did roar
 All on the Plains of Waterloo where the thundering cannons roar.

 The French dogs made a stout attack in front of Mount Saint John,
 Threw on their best battalions for the village for to gain.
 Our infantry first charged them and made them face about
 Sir William with his heavy brigade soon put them to the rout.

 Napoleon, like a bantam cock, sat mounted on a bar (?)
 He much did wish to represent brave Mars the god of war.
 On a high platform there he did stand and loudly he did crow,
 He drooped his wings and turned his tail to us at Waterloo.

 The valiant Duke of Brunswick fell in the field that day,
 And many a gallant officer fell in the awful fray.
 And many a British soldier lay wounded in their gore,
 Upon the plains of Waterloo where the thundering cannons roar.

 (Repeat first verse)

The Eighteenth Day of June (Plains of Waterloo)  as sung by the Wilson Family on
 the CD 'Voices' Fellside FECD87  (They learned it from the singing of Pete Wood
 It's possible that this may have come from the book 'Songs of the Midlands' by
Roy Palmer where he included a version that Cecil Sharp collected in 1909.

DT #547
Laws  J3
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