Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Egyptian Ella

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Egyptian Ella

Egyptian Ella

Ella was a dancing girl who started getting fat
Every day saw three more pounds on Ella
Until one day she found she'd lost her job because of that
And to make it worse, she'd lost her fella
She took a trip to Egypt to forget
And she made such a hit that she's there yet.
cho: So if you hear of a gal who can quake and shake
     'Till it makes you think of a nervous snake
     They're speakin' of Egyptian Ella
     She weighs two-twenty but that's O.K.
     They like 'em plenty down there that way
     She has the love of every fella
     And when she shakes and when she starts
     Down by the River Nile
     The boys all take their old sweet-hearts
     And throw them to the crocodiles
     And every sheik in the audience
     Jumps up and yells that "She's immense!"
     They're cheering for Egyptian Ella.

All the other dancers from the desert to the Nile
One by one admit that they are jealous
for although they dance each night and wear the sweetest smile
Ella's is the tent that draws the fellas
For Ella has a dance that they can't steal
'Cause nothing else could do it but an eel
So-o --(CHORUS)

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