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Eerie Orie Virgin Mary

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Eerie Orie, Virgin Mary

Eerie Orie, Virgin Mary

     Eerie orie, Virgin Mary,
     A' the kettles in a tearie.
       .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
     Tak' up your fit and gie's a pu';
     Seven weeks have I been fu';
     Seven more shall I be,
     By the weeks of Marie--
     Marie and St John;
     A' the tailors in the tron.
     Up the bank and doon the brae,
     Lang fit and short tae;
     Gie his tail to the pleuch,
     My tail's lang eneuch.

     Grieg FSNE xxii.2, "learned from an old nurse who came
     from Strichen".  The form suggests comparison with "The
     Dreg Song" and similar nonsense rhymes.

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