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(Pam Ayres)

1.  Oh, don't sell our Edgar no more violins,
    That dear little laddie of mine.
    Although he's but eight, we'd prefer him to wait
    For I doubt if he'll live to be nine.
    He plays the same song, and it's sad and it's long
    And when Edgar reaches the end
    With his face full of woe, he just rosins the bow
    And starts it all over again.

2.  Now Dad he says Edgar's a right little gem,
    It's only his face that looks bored.
    It's really delight makes his face appear white
    When Edgar scrapes out that first chord.
    Daddy, of course, was filled with remorse
    When Edgar came home from the choir
    To find that his fiddle, well, the sides and the middle
    Were stuffed down the back of the fire.

3.  So don't sell our Edgar no more violins
    When next he appears in your shop.
    His daddy and me, well, we both do agree
    That his fiddling will soon have to stop.
    Sell him a clean or a filthy magazine,
    Ply him with whisky or gin,
    A teddy, a bunny, or just pinch the kid's money
    But don't sell out Edgar no more violins.

    Although it would be a mortal sin,
    We'll do the little fiddler in,
    Don't sell our Edgar no more violins.

from the singing of John Murphy, Saint John, NB, 1977.
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