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Cuban Soldier

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The Cuban Soldier

The Cuban Soldier
(Carter Family)

Far away in a Spanish dungeon
 A Cuban soldier lay
Slowly dying from the torture
 Inflicted day by day

He begged to send a message
 But his kindness was denied
So he called his comrades to him
 And told his story 'ere he died

     When Cuba gains her freedom
     And the Spaniards cease to reign
     There's a loved one on that island
     I will never see again

     Oh, find her for me, comrades
     And tell her you were by my side
     And I bid you take this message
     To a soldier's promised bride

'Tis the same old story, comrades
 Love weeps when duty is done
When Cuba was struggling for her freedom
 I was ordered to my gun

Though I'm a captain dying
 The struggle will soon be o'er
Tell her I said to meet me
 Where the soldiers fight no more

Recorded by The Carter Family
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