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Cross the Brazos From Waco

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Cross the Brazos From Waco

Cross the Brazos From Waco
(Kay Arnold)

On the Chisolm Trail it was midnight
Carmella was strong on his mind
Because of the life he had chosen
Carmella had left him be hind
Too long he'd been El Bandido
Carmella had left him a lone
But today someone brought a message
She's been seen in Old San Antone.

cho: Cross the Brazos in Waco
     Ride hard and I'll make it by dawn
     Cross the Brazos in Waco
     (1) (3) I'm safe when I reach San Antone.
     (2) I'll walk straight in Old San Antone.

He glanced back over his shoulder
The posse was nowhere in sight
He'd sent for Carmella to meet him
On the banks of the Brazos tonight
She was waiting and he kept a promise
He'd made such a long time ago
As he dropped the guns that she hated
In the muddy Brazos below.

Then the night came alive with gunfire
He knew that at last he'd been found
As the ranger's badge showed brightly
El Bandido lay on the ground
Carmella knew he was dying
That all of her dreams were in vain
As she kissed his lips for the last time
She heard him whisper again.

Recorded by Billy Walker
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