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Country Song

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A Country Song

A Country Song
(T. Mayers (?))

Ch:     Sing me a country song, sing it sad and sing it long
        Sing me a country song so I can shed some tears
        'Cause I love feelin' sad, it makes me happy and it makes me glad
        I love feelin' sad when I can sing of ...

My girl young left me for another
She left me home alone with mother
You know she broke my heart and she tore it down apart
I didn't hold till she left and I loved her
You know she broke my little heart in two
When she went away and hit the paper glue
Well she didn't say goodbye, so here is my reply:
I prefer feelin' sad to feelin' you

There's a girl without a mother or a father
Livin' in an orphanage who'd rather
Be with you and me, her parents we would be
But sadly we can not afford to have her
'Cause we got two darlin' children of our own
And we're kicking them right out of our sweet home
We'll be sad and blue and sorry for them, too (yolahidi)
For we're contry people and we're not made of stone

There's a boy next door who's blind and walks on crutches
And all the girls try to avoid his clutches
He rolls around the floor, keeps colliding with closed doors
He knocks upon, knocks down all that he touches
And his girlfriend rides around in his wheelchair
They've only one between them, so they share
She's crippled but she's swell and she's beautiful as well
Or she would be if she'd not lost all her hair.

dyin' (what else):
Forgive me, if I just can't help from cryin'
But neither of us knew that you were dyin'
We never once made love, but as you know, my dove
In my case it was not for want of tryin'
They came and they told me you were dead
Well you passed away so sweet in you own bed
Well you never felt a thing, you just heard the angels sing
When a lump of ceiling fell down on your head

Ch: ...when I can sing a country song.

Performed by Eric Bogle with Jack Munroe on a BBC radio broadcast 1979.
The author's name is what I understood of Eric's intro, he might be
spelled differently.

Sing all verses (but not the chorus) with heavy Western accent to a
sentimental slow tune with wailing mandoline.
Hey, why is there no verse about trucks?

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