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Cosmic Love Song

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Cosmic Love Song

Cosmic Love Song
  (David Spangler)

Time, vaster than the desert ways, Custodian of minutes days,
You do not have what I would give, to one I love
For hours live, like foam born dying from the sea.
Time, step aside and let us pass, beyond the tumbling hour glass
And in the timeless realms remove, golden treasures for my love
The jeweled secrets of Eternity.

Space, the distance I must cross,
to find my love, to hold her close
Yet even near we are apart,
for space lies still between our hearts.
If nearness is the goal we choose
It is not nearness I would bind about my love, but rather find
Within the realms that love defend
a bond that space can never rend,
a knowing oneness we can never lose.
So come my love, and let us go,  beyond this land of passing show
Beyond the endless flow of time, and all the rhythms in the mind.
Let us live in love's infinity.
Let us live in love's infinity.

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