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 Am                 E
Chile verde me perdiste
 F                C
Chile verde te dare
 Am               G
Vamanos pa la la huerta
 F                E
Que allate lo cortare

   Ay la la la lai la la la
    F            E
   Lai la la la la
   Ay la la la lai la la la
    F            E
   Lai la la la la

Dicen que los de tu casa
Ninguno me puede ver
Diles que no batan l'agua
Que al cabo lo han de beber

La mujer que quiere a dos
Los quiere como hermanitos
Al uno le pone cuernos
Y al otro lo pitoncitos

La mula que yo monte
La monta hoy mi compadre
Eso a mi no me importa
Pues yo la monte primero

La noche que me casa
No pude dormirme un rato
Por estrar toda la noche
Corriendo detra de un gato

Me dijiste que fue un gato
El que entro por tu balcon
Yo no he visto gato prieto
Con sombrero y pantalon

(Literal Translation)

You asked for green pepper
I'll give you green pepper
Let's go to the garden
And I'll pick it for you

They say your family
Can't stand to see me
Tell them not to muddy the water
In the end they'll have to drink it

The woman who loves two men
Loves them like brothers
She puts big horns on lone
And budding horns on the other

The mule I used to ride
Is now ridden by my friend
I don't care
Because I broke her in

The night I got married
I couldn't sleep all night
I spent the whole night
Chasing a black cat

You said it was a black cat
That came in through your balcony
I've never seen a black cat before
Wearing a hat and trousers

Recorded by the Kingston Trio
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