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The Convict

The Convict
(Jim Ringer)

How old are you, my fine young man
I'm nine, but I'm going on ten
Got put in reform school by my own dad
And I'll never get back home again
But my daddy's an honorable man

And what did you do so awful, my boy
Stole candy and pop from the store
And my dad had no use for a thief in his house
Though I never had stolen before
Now I'll never get home any more

And how old are you, my handsome young man
I'll soon be turning sixteen
Been back this time for a couple of years
And my daddy's the man turned me in
He's the meanest man I've ever seen

And what did you do so awful, my boy
Well, I went home, but he wouldn't let me stay
So I stole twenty dollars that night while he slept
And I set out to make my own way
But they caught me the very next day

And how old are you, my fine young man
Next month I'll be twenty-four
Been in this pen since I turned eighteen
I got busted for stealing a car
Now I'll never get home any more

And how do you like it in prison, my boy
Well, I'll tell you, it really ain't bad
I get lodging and clothes and three squares and smokes
And there's jailhouse whores to be had
And I owe all of this to my dad

Who knows how old the old-timer was
That died today out on the yard
They say he was nine and sixteen and sixty
Stole candy and money and cars
He looked older, 'cause life has been hard

And how long had he been in this dirty old pen
And did he leave kids or a wife
No, he shot down his dad, it was the last kin he had
And they sent him back here to do life
He's a convict that really done life

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