Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Come to Me in Canada

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Come to Me in Canada

Come to Me in Canada

1.  Across the broad Atlantic, in Canada's domain
    A colonist was working for the lass he longed to gain
    Inside his little cabin, he pictured day by day
    The image of his sweetheart and with longing he would say:

    Won't you come, come, come to me in Canada
    In Canada, in Canada?
    Won't you come, come, come to me in Canada
    Far away across the foam?
    With the church bells ringing on our wedding day
    We'll ride away upon a sleigh
    So if you'll be my wife we'll be happy for life
    In our cozy Canadian home.

2.  The lass at home was waiting to be his cherished wife
    To share his little cabin and to cling to him through life
    She knew that he would claim her when with fortune he was blessed
    And often she would fancy he was calling from the west.

3.  The colonist succeeded and the lass became his own
    And now their little cabin to a larger one has grown
    And as they sit together beneath the maple tree
    He tells her how he called her long ago across the sea.

4.  For sons of mother England who art not afraid of toil
    There's health upon the prairies, there is fortune in the soil
    You'll lead a life of freedom, with friends    warm and true
    And soon you'll send this message to the one who waits for you.

- coll. from the singing of Walter Pardon, of Suffolk, UK by
     Michael Yates of the EFDSS.
note: An English/Canadian variant of the State of Illinois theme. RG
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