Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Come in and Pull Down the Blinds

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Come in and Pull Down the Blinds

Come in and Pull Down the Blinds

If ever you go on a railway train
Well, don't look out of the window pane
For I was in the carriage once and did it to my regret
This is what happened to me
Well this old devil he said to me
""would you look out the window and see if the train is coming yet""

So I looked out of the window,
Me hat did blow away
Then I leaned out to get it
In an idiotic way
Me pants were tight and they bursted
The passenger sat behind
Said ""I see those little short shorts you've got
You'd better pull down the blind"".

The other night at 12 oclock
I was given a helluva shock
When out the back yard clearly
I heard a terrible row
Me wife said it's a German Band
Coming to drive us off the land
Then I looked out the window
And I heard a faint ""meow meow""
Yes, I looked out of the window
And saw a cat below
He was making quare arrangements
With the ginger cat next door
I drownded him with water
Me wife ""you're unkind!
You did it yerself when you were young
You better pull down the blind!""

We live in a narrow street
Across the road is just eight feet
When I look out the window
I see into the house inside
So I looked out of the window
And saw a room with light
And there I saw a big fat dame
Retiring for the night
First she pulled down her knickers
And then she changed her mind
She was pullin' em up and pullin' em down
And forgot to pull down the blind!"

This little ditty, recorded by Foster and Allen, then by
Brendan Shine, is simply called "The Blind" B O'B

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