Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Columbus Stockade Blues

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Columbus Stockade Blues

Columbus Stockade Blues

Way down in Columbus, Georgia,
Want to go back to Tennessee.
Way down in Columbus Stockade,
My friends all turned their backs on me.

        Well, you can go and leave if you want to.
        Never let it cross your mind,
        For in your heart you love another,
        Leave, little darling I don't mind.

Last night as I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you in my arms,
When I woke, I was mistaken,
I was peeping through the bars.

Many hours with you I've rambled
Many nights with you I've spent alone,
Now you've gone, you've gone and left me,
And broken up our happy home.

From Folksinger's Wordbook, Compiled by Fred and Irwin Silber,
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