Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Coasts of Malabar

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Coasts of Malabar

Coasts of Malabar

Far away across the ocean
Beneath an Indian star
Lives a little dark eyed maiden
On the coast of Malabar

In the harbour where we anchored
I could see her shy and sweet
With a blossom on her bosom
And the wild waves at her feet

I can see the crowded city
The palm trees green and tall
And the starry night she danced with me
Inside those city wall

She gave a little wistful glance
As she looked across the bay
And she whispered if you love me
Why do you sail away

I must go my little dark eyes
I must go my Indian star
But I'll come again and love you
On the coast of Malabar

In my dreams I oft-times wander
To that far off Indian sea
And the days we spent together
They come back again to me

I can see the crowded city
The palm trees on the shore
But that little dark-eyed maiden
She's there no more no more

Fare thee well my little dark eyes
Fare thee well my Indian star
In my dreams I will live forever
On the Coast of Malabar

recorded by Sean Tyrrel on ""Cry of a dreamer""
recorded by Ry Cooder on ""The Chieftains - The long Black Veil""

The following is the version sung by Sean Tyrrell on the CD
"Cry of a dreamer"" (Hannibal-Rykodisk 1995).
I know another version (slightly different) sung by Ry
Cooder on ""The Chieftains - The long black veil"" (BMG-RCA).
Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) says:
""My grandmother used to sing this song at trad houses parties
in the Sliabh Bloom Mountains of central Ireland. I can still
remember her sitting on an old wooden milk churn in a country
kitchen singing a version she called Little Maid From Malabar""

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