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Clear Away the Morning Dew

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Clear Away the Morning Dew

Clear Away the Morning Dew

As I walked out one morning fair,
To see what I could shoot,
I there espied a pretty fair maid
Come a-tripping by the road.

cho: And sing, Hail the dewy morning'
     Blow all the winds high-O.
     Clear away the morning dew,
     How sweet the winds do blow.

We both jogged on together
'Till we came to some pooks of hay.
She said' "Young man, there is a place,
Where you and I can lay.

I put me arms around her waist
And I tried to throw her down.
She said "Young man, the dewy grass
Will rumple my silk gown. "

"But if you come to me father 's house
There you can lay me down.
You can take away me maidenhead,
Likewise a thousand pounds."

So I took her to her father's house,
But there she locked me out.
She said' "Young man, I'm a maid within,
And you're a fool without! "

So it's if you come to a pretty maid,
A mile outside of town,
Don't you take no heed of the dewy grass
Or the rumpling of her gown.

Child #112
Recorded by Ian Robb, Hang the Piper (Folk Legacy)
 He reports " the bulk of the text and the tune coming from 'This
  Singing Island', MacColl and Seeger"

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