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Clayton Boone

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Clayton Boone

Clayton Boone

'Twas way out in New Mexico along the Spanish line
I was workin' for old Clayton Boone --a man well past his prime.

He rides in and asks of me, "What's happened to my lady?"
I says to him, "She's quit your range and run with the handsome Davey."

"Go saddle for my proud cut dun with the coal black mane and tail
Point out to me their fresh laid tracks and after them I'll trail."

I'll bridle on my leather chaps--I'll tie my pistol o'er,
I'll step aboard that black striped dun and ride this whole world over."

I rode upon a saddle fine --a saddle made o0f silver,
My bridle rein of beaten gold--not of your common silver.

I rode until the midnight sun -- 'til I saw their campfire burnin'
And I heard the sweetest mandolin and the voice of the young Dave singing.

"Come home with me to your own sweet bed -- the sheets turned down so
Do not forget my silver and gold and your darling baby."

"Well, I'll not come home to my own sweet bed--the sheets turned down so
And I'll forget your silver and gold and all for the love of Davy.

"Last night I slept with a mean old man in golden rooms so stately,
Tonight I'll sleep on the hard cold ground by the warm side of my Davey,
And I'll ride along with Dave."

cHILD #200

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