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Christ Was a Wayworn Traveler

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Christ Was a Wayworn Traveler

Christ Was a Wayworn Traveler

Christ was a wayworn traveler,
He traveled from door to door.
His occupation chiefly was
Administering to the poor.

CHO:    My warfare'll soon be ended,
My race is almost run.
My warfare'll soon be ended, Lord,
And then I'm going home.

They called my Lord the Devil,
They called his saints the same.
But I ain't expecting any more down here
Than burden, abuse, and shame.

And when I get to heaven,
I want you to be there, too.
And when I say, "Amen"
I want you to say so, too.

God bless the Holiness people,
The Presbyterians, too.
The good old shouting Methodists,
And the praying Baptists, too.

Sung by Sarah Ogan Gunning on her Folk Legacy album
Similar to songs in The Sacred Harp of 1844
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