Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Boatsman and the Tailor

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The Boatsman and the Tailor

The Boatsman and the Tailor

It was an old boatsman down in Dover he did dwell
And he had a little wife and he loved her so well
But when the old boatsman he got out of the way
His frolicsome young wife with some tailor she would lay

cho: To my rally daIly da do rally daIly day

Now she was a walking down through the street
This pretty little tailor she chanced for to meet
Saying my husband's gone on board with the rest of his crew
And now this very night I will lie along with you

Then straight away home this couple they did go
A kissing and courting and loving also
But they hadn't been to bed about an hour by the clock
Before the old boatsman at the door he did knock

Now you get into my husband's chest and there you lie still
And then you'll be so safe as any mouse in the mill
And then she went downstairs for to let her husband in
And there stood the boatsman with three of his men

Now what has brought you here so late in the night
You've put the little tailor in a terrible fright
Why I have not a come to rob you nor disturb you of your rest
But since I have come here I must have my chest

Now these three able fellows being so stout and strong
They took up the chest and carried it along
But they hadn't carried the chest but a mile outside the town
Before the heft of the chest made the sweatings to run down

Says one to the other let us sit down and rest
Says one to the other why the devil's in the chest
Says one to the other I heard something knock
Then up jumps the old boatsman and his chest he did unlock

Now the chest he did unlock and was greatly surprised
To see the little tailor all rubbing of his eyes
Saying ,"Hullo my little fellow and how came you here
Well you cuckolded me ever this last seven year."

Now I'll press you to the seas and a slave thou shalt be
And if I don't sweat thee there the devil shall sweat me
Now I'll press you to the seas and a slave thou shalt be
Thou shalt never stay at home to make a cuckold of me.

DT #346
Laws Q8
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