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Blue Velvet Band(2)

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Blue Velvet Band (2)

Blue Velvet Band (2)

I will tell you a sad but true story
Let it be an example to man
How I tore down the world of my sweetheart
She was known as the Blue Velvet Band

On her cheeks were the first rays of beauty
Her beauty it seemed to expand
Her hair hung down in long tresses
Tied back by a Blue Velvet Band

I Boarded a tanker for Holland
And accused her of loving some man
But deep down in my heart she kept calling
Come back to your Blue Velvet Band

As the sea gulls flew high up above us
In the path of the silvery moonlight
I see your face in wave dear
Out in the ocean tonight

I was called to the bridge by the Captain
In his hand was a message of white
The message just flashed o're the wireless
That your darling is dying tonight

I boarded a freighter for Cuba
To speed me back to her side
But the bells in the old village steeple
Had told me my darling had died

Heart broken I knelt down and kissed her
The last time to hold her sweet hand
Which wore the ring that I bought her
On her head was the Blue Velvet Band

note: I know absolutely nothing about this version. Any info,
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