Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Blue Nose Line

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Blue Nose Line

Blue Nose Line
(Geoff Noble)

Come listen to me story
 Of ships so proud and fine
Of captains and of fishermen
 All from the Maritimes
Great carpenters and craftsmen
 Who worked with skill and pride
Built mighty ships of the bluenose line
 to sail the ocean wide

cho: The Bluenose Line,  the Bluenose Line
     Fastest ships in all the world
     To plow the stormy brine

From Halifax to Yarmouth
  St. Johns to Charlotte town
Great ships were built of oak and spruce
 To tame the ocean down
With triple masts and triple decks
 The Marco Polo fine
She was the fastest ship to sail
 for the mighty Blackball Line

The Will-i-am D. Lawrence
 Ten thousand tons so fine
She was the largest wooden ship
 Built in the Maritimes
Eight thousand yard of sail she'd sport
 To catch the wind and fly
Took storm and gale and wind and hail
 And high seas in her stride

Four thousand and five hundred ships
 In Registry at one time
With captains brave who knew the waves
 All from the Maritimes
McKensie and Bill Laurence
 James Smith and Captain Wren
Brave and disciplined they were
 In charge of many men

The seas were ruled by bluenose ships
 All from the Eastern Shore
The fastest way to travel
 In years counted in scores
But then with steam and iron
 Cunard, who took the mail
The bluenose ships were past their time
 Tho' they ruled the days of sail

note:Geoff Noble was a tugboatman out of Vancouver B.C.,
     who has since moved to Halifax. (?)SGL

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