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Blue Green Bangle

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Blue Green Bangle

Blue Green Bangle

Its  black clouds scudding 'cross the midland sky
In the bedroom window Sandy catches her eye
Full of tears as she watches the Texan's car fade away
In the distance

He'd been tellin' her before that the mine's closing down
Soon her husband Jimmy would be home every day
The company was pullin' out he was heading back
To his own family back in Galveston

And he handed her a blue green bangle
That he found in the hills outside Slane
He said someday when this is all forgotten
You might pick it up and think of me again.

"Now he's gone" she said "and his plunder's done
An' I'll just be remembered as the Irish one"
With that she opened up the windows wide
And flung the blue green bangle
Far down the muddy drive

Later on she awoke with a rattle at the door
There stood her Jimmy and her uncle Joe
Arms linked together singing a wild rebel song
From so long ago

Jimmy looked at her with a twinkle in his eye
Saying "A gyppo gave me this for you, it's a surprise
an' he says who wears it will live contentedly
Providing that they don't tell any lies.

And he handed her the blue green bangle
The had lain out in the muddy drive
Then he took her writs and he slipped it on
It surprised him that it fitted her so fine

Yes he handed her a green blue bangle
That had lain in the earth for so long
And he grabbed her by the waist
He whisked her round the place
And uncle Joe he diedled out the door

Sung by Sen Tyrrell on "Cry of a dreamer" (1995)
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