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Blue-Eyed Boy

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Blue-Eyed Boy

Blue-Eyed Boy

cho: Bring me back my blue-eyed boy
     Bring, O bring him back to me
     Bring me back my blue-eyed boy
     What a happy, happy girl I'd be.*
There is a tree I love to pass
And it has leaves as green as grass
But not to green as love is true
I love but one and that is you.

Must I go bound and he go free?
Must I love one that don't love me?
Or must I act a childish part
And love the one that broke my heart?

Go bear, go bear, go bear in mind
That a good true friend is hard to find.
And when you find one good and true
Never change the old one for a new.

Adieu, adieu, kind friends, adieu
I can no longer stay with you.
I'll hang my heart in a willow tree
And give it to the one that first loved me.

from American Ballads and Songs, Pound
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