Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Blarney Stone

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Blarney Stone

Blarney Stone

It was on the road to Banyon one morning last July
I met a pretty colleen and she smiled as she passed by
Says I, 'I am a stranger in Ireland, all alone
And would you kindly tell me where I'll find the Blarney Stone'

     There's a Blarney Stone in Kerry, there's a Blarney Stone in Clare
     There's a Blarney Stone in Wicklow and there's plenty in Kildare
     There's a Blarney Stone in Sligo, and another in Mayo
     There's divil a town in Ireland but you'll find the Blarney Stone

I know that you're a Geordie, I can tell it by your brogue
There never was a Geordie, ah, that was an awfle rogue
But since you are a stranger where the River Shannon flows
Well the nearest Blarney Stone I know is underneath your nose

Her Irish smile was brawn, she winked her roguish eye
She set me heart a-thumping till I thought I'd surely die
When I took her in me arms she never made a moan
And I kissed away the roses on the Banyon Blarney Stone
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