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Billy OShea

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Billy O'Shea

Billy O'Shea

We all got drunk in Dublin City
     Fall down me Billy
We all got drunk and the more's the pity
     Fall down Billy O'Shea

We lay ourselves down on Rogerson's Quay
And when we woke up we were out to sea

We are no sailors Captain dear
And a bit unhappy to reef or steer

The Captain said,  ""I've a cure for that
And here for a start is a dose of the cat.""

He sent him up to the topmast yard
When he hit the deck he took it hard

We wrapped him up in the canvas sail
     Farewell me Billy
And we lowered him gently o'er the rail
     Farewell Billy O'Shea

Over the side and down he goes
He's gone to Davy Jones with a stitch through his nose

Farewell, farewell, farewell me Billy
For I am bound for Americay.

as heard from Tom Munnelly
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