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Beverly Hills Programmer

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The Beverly Hills Programmer

The Beverly Hills Programmer

Come and listen to a story bout a man named Jed
A poor college kid, barely kept his family fed
But then one day he was talking to a recruiter
He said "They'll pay you big bucks if you work on a computer"
VAX that is ...  CRT's ...  Workstations

Well the first thing ya know ole Jed's an engineer
The kinfolk said "Jed move away from here"
They said "Arizona is the place you ought to be"
So he bought some donuts and moved to Ahwatukee
Motorola that is ...  dry heat ...  no amusement parks

On his first day at work they stuck him in a cube
Fed him some donuts and sat him at a tube
They said "You're project's late, but we know just what to do
Instead of 40 hours, we'll work you fifty-two"
OT that is ...  Unpaid ...  Mandatory

The weeks rolled by and things were looking bad
Some schedules slipped and some managers were mad
They called another meeting and decided on a fix
Their answer was simple, "We'll work him sixty-six"
Tired that is ...  Stressed out ...  No Social Life

Months turned into years and his hair was turning gray
Jed worked hard while his life slipped away
Waiting to retire when he turned sixty-four
Instead he got a call and they escorted him out the door
Laid-off that is ...  Debriefed ...  Unemployed

(To The Tune Of The Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song)
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