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Bessie From Banksland

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Bessie From Banksland

Bessie From Banksland
(Pat Barry)

1.  Bessie came back to Banksland from school in Yellowknife
    She was looking for a husband who was looking for a wife
    She wore her hair in a beesnest pouf, tight dress above her knees
    She lighted up a filter tip and said, "Who'll marry me?
    Oh, me, sweet me."

2.  "I have been to school and learned to be a perfect wife
    Put flowers on the table and lead a dainty life.
    I've learned to iron shirts and sheets and cook electrically
    And I have learned to dance with a man so he'll have to marry me.
    Oh me, sweet me."

3.  She glanced around Sachs Harbour at all the single males
    Her eye fell on a handsome lad, his name was Bobby Bales
    Said Bob, "It's true I need a wife and you can dance with me
    But you won't lead a dainty life if you marry me -
    Not if you marry me."

4.  "You will cut up dry fish and you will scrape the skins
    You will flour foxes and pack the water in,
    You will sew my parka and you will boil my tea
    And you will harness up the dogs if you marry me
    Yes, if you marry me."

5.  "Well, I'll not cut up dry fish and I'll not scrape the skins
    And I'll not flour foxes nor pack the water in,
    I can't sew a parka and I don't like boiled tea
    And I'm scared to hell of your husky dogs so you can't marry me
    Oh me, sweet me."

6.  Bessie went away from Banksland, she went down to Inuvik where
    Two years more or less had passed till Bobby saw her there.
    She said, "I lead a dainty life with a man from DOT [MOT]
    But he has got an outside wife so he can't marry me.
    Oh me, poor me."

from the singing of Al Cox of Vancouver
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