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Belles Bonnie Bogie

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Belle's Bonnie Bogie

Belle's Bonnie Bogie
(Les Barker)

As I gae'd oot by Huntly toon
One evenin' for tae fare
I fell in wi' Bogie O'Cairnie
On his rare and hairy mare.

I am a bloomin' ploomon
I ken hoo tae ploo, the noo
Ye ken a mon hae got tae ploo
What a mon hae got tae ploo

Noo the fairmer had a dochter
Her name it were Belle
She had an awfu' big nose
And a powerfu' sense of smell

I wish that I could marry Belle.
If I could have ma' choose.
I'd hold her by the legs
And we could hoover roond the hoose.

One day she went oot walking
And Belle she fell asleep
She sucked up a' the daffodils
And a herd o' passin' sheep

And when the shepherd he came there
A-callin' for his dogie
He came upon a black and roond
Really massive bogie

It was the biggest in the worrrld
There cannae be a doot
And a' the folks from roond aboot
Cam' roond to roll it oot

There's airms and legs a stickin' oot
And soon a face appears
Twas the fairmer's Uncle Angus
Why, he'd not been seen for years

Belle's Bonnie Bogie
It outgrew the Stone of Scone
I own that Belle had blown
An Elgin Mairble of her own

They rolled it roond and roond the toon
Till they found the pairfect spot
Most monuments are granite
But in Huntly toon it's not

So if ye gang tae Huntly toon
Ye'll see it lying there
Bogie, bonnie Belle's bogie
A-standin' in the square

 Sung by Alison Younger on the Mrs Ackroyd Band album "Gnus and Roses"

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