Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Beau Reynolds

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Beau Reynolds

Beau Reynolds

The first man I saw was the parson
As sad as he could be,
He swore he saw Beau Reynolds
Go into a hollow tree.

     With me hip-pip-pip an' me ola
     Upon that dreaded stream
     With me ran-tan-tan an' me tivvy tivvy twam
     An' me glass an' me bugle an' me horn
     With me juggy juggy jug
     Fal derol derol derol
     Right through the woods he's gone.

The next man I saw was the ragman
His rag-pack in a sack
He swore he saw Beau Reynolds
Jump over the huntsman's back

The last ma I saw was the miller
A-grindin' of his mill
He swore he saw Beau Reynolds
Go over Bunker's hill.

From singing of Josef Marais and Miranda(Marais said it was English
in origin.RG

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