Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Battle of Camp Kookamonga

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The Battle of Camp Kookamonga

The Battle of Camp Kookamonga
(J.J. Reynolds)

In Nineteen and Fifty-Nine we took a little hike
With our scoutmaster down to Lake [*Amiga-mike]
We took a little Pizza and we took some Sauerkrauts
And we marched along together til we heard the Girl Scouts.

     We're the boys from Camp Kookamonga
     Our mothers sent us here for to study nature's ways
     We learned to make sparks by rubbin' sticks together
     But if we catch the girls, then we'll set the woods ablaze.

And I was mad 'cause me mother sent me up here! hah! hah! hah! hah!)

Well, we crept up to the water and we see'd the girls a-swimmin'
There musta been a hunderd of 'em, purty young women
They looked so fine, even birds forgot to sing
We laid down in the Poison Oak and didn't say a thing.


(S:) Hey, will one of you fellars scratch my back?)

Well, our councellor said we could take 'em by surprise
If we didn't say a word til we looked 'em in the eyes
We kept real still and we had our eyes a-glued
We saw how they were dressed
They were swimmin' in the ____ Well, now;

Well they ran thru the briars and they ran thru the brambles
And they ran thru the bushes where a Rabbit couldn't go
They ran so fast even we couldn't catch 'em
From Lake [*Amiga-mike] all the way to Buffalo.

(S:) Hey, fellers, wait for me!)

Well, we ran right after them til ev'ryone was pooped
So we rested for a minute and our forces we re-grouped
Then we saw the girls behind some Evergreens
Captured by a company of United States Marines.


(S:) Aw, them big guys get ever'thing!)


A Rootie-Toot-Toot (A Rootie-Toot-Toot)
We're the boys from the Boy Scout Troop
We don't smoke and we don't chew
And we don't go with the girls that do.

(WHOOIE!: Hootin' & hollerin' & fade)

(*sounds like-rhymes with hike?)
Recorded by Homer & Jethro
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