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Barefoot Nellie

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Barefoot Nellie

Barefoot Nellie

Well a big old crow setting out on a limb
Mom said chicken, but Nellie's bought a ham:
Wrung it's neck, picked it clean
That's the funniest chicken I've ever seen.

Chorus: Oh barefoot Nellie, (3x)
        You're the one for me.

Oh Nellie rode into town one day
Arriving on a load of hay
Sold a man a trip to Mars
Now she's sitting behind the bars.

Nellie put on her Sunday dress
Thought that it would look the best
Made out of an old feed sack
Lookit them cords hanging down her back.

Well Nellie's got a pair of shoes
She can wear them when she choose
Why the hell she's got the blues
Who wants to wear size 22.

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