Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ballad of the School Leaver

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Ballad of the School Leaver

Ballad of the School Leaver
(Ken Thomson)

Oh, where are the jobs that could always be found
In the newspaper columns? I was told they'd abound
And the only conditions wis ye had to be keen
But the Job Centre jobs are the only I'v seen

     An' ye have tae be eighteen before they'll gie ye a start.

And where's the employment they promised tae me?
If I took my O-levels, good prospects there'd be
But now I've left school, well, they don't give a damn
Is this why I sat a' those bloody exams?

     Still there's aye job creatin' an' fillin' in hol`es.

And where's the career like ma dad's still got now?
I'd like tae get started, but I just don't know how
A trade like a printer would gie me some hope
But I'd have to kowtow an' go serve in a shop.

     An' ma mither aye says that I'm good wi' ma hands.

And where is the future in pickin' up dole?
It's bad for yer mind, but it's worse for yer soul,
They say that in twelve months, a difference we'll see
But right now, I ask ye, what good's that tae me?

     Have ye heard o' a job for a bright, willin' lad?

Written ca. 1970
Recorded by Ed Miller, Border Background
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