Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ballad of Dennis Conner

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The Ballad of Dennis Conner

The Ballad of Dennis Conner
(Paul Kamen)

Born in a condo by the deep blue sea
Yacht club carpet has stains from his pee
Favorite toy was a code flag B
And charged at the bar, when he was only three

     Dennis, Dennis Conner
     They call him the Comeback Kid

Raced doublehanded 'cause he was so poor
'Till the fleet was licked, and fame was in store
But while he was handling this risky chore
He made some people angry forever more

     Dennis, Dennis Conner
     They call him the Comeback Kid

He went off to Newport to raise some hell
Messin' up the starts, the way he could yell
Drove every Twelve, so we hear tell,
Too bad he couldn't win with Liberty as well.

     Dennis, Dennis Conner
     Head in the trophy case

When he lost the Cup, his grief was tall
There were times he wanted to end it all
And sail right over a waterfall
But he answered instead, his yacht club's call

     Dennis, Dennis Conner
     They call him the Comeback Kid

When he come home, the Cup soundly won
The fundraising drive had just begun
He completely forgot it was 'sposed to be fun
And pasted a logo on his number one

     Dennis, Dennis Conner
     Grovelling for corporate bucks

His boat is fastest, and his boat is best
But he's giving the old Stars and Stripes a rest
Can another hull meet the Kiwi test?
I'll bet the Cup goes to the south and the west!

               Dennis, Dennis Conner
               We'll see you in Aukland soon
               See you in Aukland soon....

(to the tune of "The Ballad of Davey Crockett"
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